UT Meal Plans

14 Meal Plan

Weekly meal plans are only to be used by the resident but offer the most bang for your buck! Meals are available during the 7-day week beginning with the first day of classes and ending at the close of the semester. Unused meals do not roll-over to the next week but reset every Sunday.

130 & 180 Block Plans

Block Plans offer a different level of flexibility as residents can use their meals for themselves and for guests. The block plans offer more flexibility as a student may use more meals during one week over another or even towards the beginning of the semester as opposed to the end. However, it is a set amount that must be budgeted over the course of the semester.

Unlimited Meal Plan

BEST VALUE! Ideal for residents who may want to eat several times throughout the day. Whether for three meals per day or several smaller meals throughout, including a quick snack or beverage, this plan has you covered by providing the most bang for your buck.

Changing your meal plan: All meal plans must be purchased prior to check-in and the start of spring semester classes. Requests to increase your meal plan may be submitted beginning September 4, 2018 to choneycutt@edrtrust.com. Changes will be prorated (change to block plans are pro-rated per swipe; change to Unlimited is pro-rated on a daily basis).