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University Towers offers several different meal plans for our residents as well as options for non-residents (Diner Plus). Our meal plans are separate from NC State Dining Services meal plans, are non-transferable, and therefore can only be used at the University Towers on-site Dining facility. A meal plan on campus is not required, but you may elect to purchase a commuter meal plan from NC State if that benefits your daily schedule; however, with our close proximity to campus classes, most of our residents can easily come back to dine anytime throughout the day. Please contact Cindy Honeycutt (choneycutt@edrtrust.com) if you have additional questions about University Towers meal plans.

Purchase Options: If a resident is receiving financial aid/scholarship funds but would still like to purchase a meal plan prior to those funds being disbursed, they may submit a financial aid statement from NC State for approval to pay an initial $500.00 deposit to Cindy Honeycutt (choneycutt@edrtrust.com). If you choose this option, your $500.00 deposit is due by January 2, 2019. The remaining balance is due by January 25, 2019.

Please note: University Towers is a separate business from NC State. We cannot charge or directly work with your financial aid account. You must pay University Towers directly though our Shopify page. If you are dependent on financial aid money to purchase a meal plan directly with UT, contact the NC State Financial Aid office to determine when your funds will be allocated to you. 

Listed prices include tax. All plans expire at the end of the semester.


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Which Plan is Best for You? 

Unlimited Meal Plan

BEST VALUE! Ideal for residents who may want to eat several times throughout the day. Whether for three meals per day or several smaller meals throughout, including a quick snack or beverage, this plan has you covered by providing the most bang for your buck. This plan is available to all residents including NC State students assigned to University Towers.

Block Meal Plans

Block Plans offer a different level of flexibility for students who may use more meals during one week over another or even towards the beginning of the semester as opposed to the end. However, it is a set amount that must be budgeted over the course of the semester. Block Meal plans are offered in 100, 130, and 180 meal options. Block plans are available to all residents including NC State students assigned to University Towers.

Weekly 14 Meal Plan

Perfect for residents who are looking for an average of two meals per day while keeping the flexibility to eat more or less often during a given week. Unused meals do not roll over to the next week and reset every Sunday night. This plan is available to all residents including NC State students assigned to University Towers.